<p>You know it. We know it. The absolute best time to visit the US is in the summer. Specifically the 4th of July. You won&rsquo;t believe what you see. Patriotism and camaraderie everywhere.</p>


<p>If you aren&rsquo;t lucky enough to get to the US around this time, don&rsquo;t panic. There are plenty of occasions year round that will make you feel lucky. Thanksgiving in the fall, the holidays in the winter, the weather in the spring.</p>


<p>Our personal favorite is in the winter. Summer is special everywhere. That&rsquo;s easy. Winter is a tough thing to master. Just be careful of where you end up in the winter if you&rsquo;re travelling to the United States. It could be too cold for comfort in many areas. The west coast will be your safe haven if you&rsquo;re looking for a mild winter with nothing but upside. At worst you&rsquo;ll get a little rain.</p>

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