<p>This South American destination is famous for a number of landmarks that will have you wishing you could stay longer. The amount of history and beauty that is encapsulated in this country is unbelievable. A hike to Machu Picchu, at whatever difficulty level you can handle, is all you need to check off one of the 7 wonders of the world. If that&rsquo;s not enough, there&rsquo;s tons of ancient Incan history for you to absorb in other locations. Remember to check out the lakes, and get as much walking in as you can while you&rsquo;re in this beautiful country.</p>


<p>Title: The Path to Wandering Bliss</p>

<p>Body: There are endless ways for you to pave your own path in Peru. Seriously, there&rsquo;s enough for you to see that you probably won&rsquo;t even get to scratch the surface in your time there. It&rsquo;s okay, though! What you will see will be amazing. Any way you slice it. We recommend picking a specific area that you&rsquo;re interested in seeing, and doubling down on your time there. Don&rsquo;t rush to leave or see other things. Take your time, and don&rsquo;t let the beauty escape you. When you find your pace, you can make your way toward the next destination on your list.</p>